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Asbestos Contamination Removal in Detroit, MI

American companies have used asbestos for decades to manufacture a variety of goods. Contrary to popular belief, the United States has not yet placed a ban on asbestos despite its now well-known adverse health effects. If you suspect that asbestos is present in your home or business, reach out to Federal Environmental Services for our expert asbestos removal service in and around Detroit, MI.

Negative Effects of Asbestos

Although it can be difficult for medical professionals to catch and diagnose health issues related to asbestos exposure, technology is making it easier and easier. Some of the major concerns regarding health and asbestos exposure include lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. The best way to prevent the inception of these illnesses is to avoid asbestos or have it removed from environments you frequent.

Our Asbestos Contamination Removal Service

Although asbestos is not mined in the U.S. any longer, companies still use it in the production of many manufactured goods. From roofing materials and paints to pipes and automobile brakes, you may be facing acute exposure without your knowledge. If you discover that your environment has asbestos contamination, contact us for help.

Our team of highly trained professionals will assess your environment, determine the source of the exposure, and safely eliminate the contamination. We want you, your family, and your employees to be safe, so we will do all that we can to fully address the problem.

Why Choose Us for Asbestos Removal

After over three decades of experience, you can have peace of mind knowing that your environment will be asbestos-free once we finish the job. Our team truly cares about your health, and we aim to prove that to you. We are also certified, licensed, and insured, so you can rely on expert work done by professionals.

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